Monday, 2 April 2012

Card Stitching Tutorial by Jan Rankine

 Card Stitching is performed by using card, an embroidery needle, thread, a pricking tool, scissors, perforating mat and sticky tape. Many kinds of threads are available and a single strand is used when stitching so as to produce the very delicate look this kind of stitching creates.

  1. Cut the card to the size of the pattern outline and attach the pattern, (or stencil) pattern side up to the card with removable tape. Prick all the dots in the pattern or holes in the stencil and remove the pattern or stencil from the card.
Stem Stitch
 Stem stitch is the main stitch used when stitching a card and is most often used when stitching around an outline. Card stitching or card embroidery as it is sometimes called, shows pattern instructions for Stem Stitch with only two numbers with a dash between them, e.g., 1-4, 1-5, 1-6 or 1-7 (being the most common) these numbers refer to the holes perforated in the pattern and the number of holes left between each stitch. See the guide below for stitching 1-4 stitch length. For patterns with a longer stitch length change the number of holes left between each needle entry.

  1. Starting on the back of the card and securing an arm’s length of thread in place with a small piece of permanent sticky tape, pull the thread:
Up through 1
Down through 4
Up through 5
Down through 2
Up through 3
Down through 6
Up through 7
Down through 4

Repeat the pattern until your outline is completed. When ending and beginning thread, attach the thread to the back of the card with tiny pieces of sticky tape.

 Ray Stitch

The second stitch used in this design is Ray Stitch which is used to fill in the half circles.  It can also be used to stitch leaves.

 Instructions for Ray Stitch
 Pull your thread:

Up through 1
Down through 2
Up through 1
Down through 3
Up through 1
Down through 4

Maintain this sequence until the pattern is completed.
 Attach this stitched card to another folded base card and embellish as desired.




Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Ah lovely work, so detailed and great description too, Jan, thanks for sharing Shaz.x

Anne Darragh said...

Love this tutorial Jan. Very easy to follow and great examples.

my craft cupboard said...

Jan a wonderful tutorial.
So clear and easy to understand

Sandie Edwards said...

Love this!! I really need to learn to do this wonderful, creative stitching on cards..

Anne said...

Thanks Jan! I'm saving this for my hubby as he is great at stitching cards...reat tutorial! TFS!