Saturday, 28 April 2012

Oriental Lantern Peels-Offs On Vellum - Shaz G

1.    Using Peel-Off Oriental Lanterns lift out the peel-off sticker with a pricking tool and place on plain vellum.

3.  Use Gelly Roll pens and colour the top of the vellum, the inside detail of lanterns, using colours to match the papers chosen.

TIP: Shade and blend as you go - remember you may use primary colours to get secondary colours if necessary i.e. red and yellow make orange, add bit of blue to this and you have brown, etc. Test colours on scrap of vellum first.

4.    Use curved scissors to cut closely around the outside edge of the peel-offs.

5. Take the card layer Oriental Garden Bridge, turn it over and use scraps to shade in the spaces at the back (see photo below). For the lotus flower glitter card was used, for the leaf a piece of green plastic, a piece of gold card for the pagoda and corrugated card for the bridge.

6. Adhere the coloured lantern shapes to the decorated card layer with small 3D foam blocks.

7. Use a silver peel-off border straight line to make the ;lanterns look as if they are hanging lanterns.

8. Attach to Oriental Paper - these  sheets are lovely!

9. Add to blue card to match oriental paper, with double-sided tape and attach to a black card base. 



Sandie Edwards said...

Gorgeous, very creative and artistic!!

my craft cupboard said...

Shaz you have really brought this card to life, well done

Vicky Pedlow said...

This is a really interesting card, Shaz. I love the way you have used the luxury card layer and "coloured" it from behind using scraps - ingenious!

Jan Rankine said...

Great card Shaz - well done!!!