Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hobydols Stitching Cards - Sharon Blaxter

  Card 1

I have completed two cards this week from the Hobbydols 65 booklet, these are amazing little booklets with lots of patterns and inspiration.

1.Cut a piece of white card stock 13cm x 13cm.
Using a Cuttlebug, cut out one of the corners using Marianne Creatables LRO215. Run through the Cuttlebug again with a silicon mat to emboss the rose.

2. Photocopy the original pattern from the Hobbydols booklet and attach using removable tape
onto the opposite side of the card you have die cut. Using a fine pricking needle and a pricking mat, prick the complete design.

3.  Complete the stitching in stem stitch as indicated on the pattern using a embroidery needle and Chrissie variegated thread.
Attach gold beads and white beads where indicated on the pattern.
Use sticky tape to adhere the cotton to the back when starting and finishing.

4. Attach this completed stitched topper to card stock cut to 13.5cm x 13.5cm. using double sided tape.

5.  Cut out the 3D decoupage using decoupage scissors adhere the first decoupage to the stitched card with  Zig 2-way-glue.

6.  Using a Cuttlebug and Marianne Creatables LRO223 cut out and adhere to the stitched card with Zig 2-way-glue pen.

7.  Cut the main card stock to 14cm x 28cm, score at 14cm with a bone folder and adhere using double sided tape.

8.  Complete the remaining decoupage pieces with silicon adhesive and tweezers.
When completed add pink jewells as indicated on the pattern and silver sparkle glue to the embossed rose.

                       Your card is now complete.

    Card 2

Follow the same intructions as above
 for the stitching.
The measurements for both cards are the same.

1.  Attach the peel-off stickers around the topper, place the second vertical sticker 4.3cm from the edge.
Place the corner stickers as displayed.

     Negative corner and positive peel-off corner

2.  Cut a small piece of transfer sheet and place on top of one of the negative corners.
Rub with a embossing stylus to adhere the pieces.
Place onto the corner carefully, aligning the pieces, gentle rub again with the embossing stylus.
Pull the transfer sheet away carefully.
The transfer sheet can be used again.

3.  Using a oval glitter sticker place onto a piece of white  card and cut around the outside edge using decoupage scissors.  Lightly chalk with 2 colours of green on the white card stock.
Place plenty of  foam squares under the oval.

4.Cut out 3D Le Suh flowers with decoupage scissors adhere the first decoupage to the oval with Zig 2-way-glue assemble the remaining decoupage with silicone adhesive with the help of tweezers.

5.  When the silicone is dry attach the completed oval to the card.

 Your card is now complete.


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Lacé Dots Rosette Card - Vicky Pedlow

Photo 1

*** Please read all instructions before commencing ***

1.  Adhere white dotted paper to white 140 cm square base card using double-sided tape.

2.  Emboss red card using dots embossing folder and your die-cutting machine, I used my Cuttlebug machine. Adhere red card to base card using double-sided tape.

3.  Die-cut a Lacé Dots Rosette using black dotted paper and your die-cutting machine (use plates A, C & B). To emboss the die-cut with the dots pattern run the die through the machine again this time with an embossing mat on top of the die.

4.  Carefully remove the die-cut rosette from the die and fold back each die-cut '<' shape to the right to expose the reverse side of the paper then slide one strip under another. For comprehensive instructions please click here.

5.  Using Sakura Quickie Glue adhere the rosette to the centre of the base card.

6.  Die-cut a butterfly out of red card. I used my Cottage Cutz die but you could use a pretty oriental butterfly die by Cheery Lynn Designs. Foam mount your butterfly to the centre of the rosette on an angle. Decorate the butterfly using stardust Stickles as shown in photo 2.

Photo 2

7. Die-cut a small circle out of black card, I used my Cuttlebug 3.8 mm diameter die. Using a craft knife carefully adhere a silver 'Just For You' peel-off sticker to the centre of the black circle. Dot around the edges with a white paint-like marker then foam-mount the greeting to the bottom right hand corner of the card as shown in photo 3.

Photo 3

8.  Place a 'Mini Ornament' peel-off sticker inside the three remaining corners of the red card, refer photo below for placement.

Your card is now complete.


Cottage Cutz Die - Butterflies
Provo Craft Die - Small Circles (3.8 mm diameter)
Ranger Stickles - Stardust
American Crafts Galaxy Marker - White Paint-Like Ink
Black/White Dotted Paper - 130 mm x 130 mm

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

To My Mother by Jan Rankine

1.  Cut a piece of purple card to make a side fold card 130mm x 120mm

2.  Attach Peel-off corner and border stickers around outside edge

3.  Cut a piece of lavender card 11.5cm x 10.5cm

4.  Attach Peel-off corner and border stickers around the outside edge and then attach the card to the front of the lavender card using double sided tape.

 5.  Peel the vase of your choice from the Vases Peel Off Sticker sheet and attach it to a small piece of purple card

6.  Add selected pieces of the gold negative pieces left from the vase sticker into the vase outline on the purple card, to embellish as desired.

7.  Using a small flower punch, cut out a variety of different coloured flowers from card

8.  Make a double flower by pinching together the petals of one flower "up" and another matching flower "down"

9.  Stick the two flowers together using glue and then glue a seed bead into the centre of each flower

10.  Using Foam Squares attach flowers and vase to card

11.  Cut leaves using Joy Crafts Die - Leaves and glue behind flowers

Your card is now complete.


Friday, 11 May 2012

Just For You Card - Sharon Blaxter

Please read all instructions before commencing

N.B.  Before commencing this project please Mist the Crochet Doilies a few hours before you want to use them to allow them to dry thoroughly.

1.   Using a piece of Pearlescent Card cut to 13.5cm x 13.5cm, attach La Fleur stencil in one of the corners on the front of the paper using removable tape.
Note.  Please do not use thick cardstock as the embossing will not show up.

2.   Using a light box or resting on the glass of a well lit window,
place the stencil on the bottom and the Pearlescent card on top.
With the Embossing Stylus Tool complete all of the embossing on the template.

3.   Turn over and place onto your pricking mat, with your fine pricking tool prick out the holes for the stitching.
When complete, carefully remove the stencil from the back or the Pearlescent Card and repeat until the square is complete.

4.  Complete the stitching as shown on the La Fleur stencil using gold thread

5.   Using a Cuttlebug die-cut 2 swirls in light green card, adhere to the card with Zig glue.

6.  Take 3 small Crochet Doilies which have been coloured using  Perfect Pearls Mist and have dried thoroughly. 

Attach a Pearl Brad in the centre of each of the Crochet Doilies , arrange to your liking and adhere with Quick Dry Glue.

7.  Using a computer generated sentiment, die-cut a circle using a Cuttlebug.
Slightly chalk around the edge and place onto the topper with foam squares.

8. Cut a piece of Violet card 30cm x 15cm, score in the centre using a bone folder.
Cut a piece of gold Mirri Card 14.2cm x 14.2cm and adhere with double sided tape to the main card.

9.  Carefully place your topper onto the the gold Mirri card using double-sided tape.
Your card is now complete.


Monday, 7 May 2012

2 View Card Tutorial by Jan Rankine

One image
Two views
This card uses a 2 View Picture Sheet. These sheets are unique in that when they are concertina folded they show two different pictures when viewed from the left or the right of the card.


Picture 1
1. Cut a piece of green card 26cm x 12cm and fold to make a 13cm x 12cm side fold card

2.  On the inside of the front of the card, mark the centre using a Centreing Ruler and cut out an opening 6cm x 5.75cm using a craft knife and a Metal Edge Ruler. (Picture 2).
Picture 2

Picture 3
3.  Attach a Peel-off Sticker Border around the edges of the opening (Picture 3)
Picture 4
4.  Cut out the embellishments from the image sheet
Picture 5

5. Using glue, attach embellishments to the front of card
Picture 6
 6. Cut a piece of acetate to approximately 7.5cm x 7cm and attach to inside of the opening with double sided tape
Picture 7

7.  Using a craft knife or scissors, cut out the main image around the marked dashed lines                                                                                          

Picture 8
8.  Using a scoring tool, score lines between each panel and fold as shown in Picture 8
Picture 9
 9.  Using double sided tape, attach face down to the back of the opening (Picture 9)
Picture 10
10.  Cut another piece of green card 10cm x 10cm and attach 2 layers (piggy back) of  Foam Squares around the edges of the wrong side of the card

11. Attach to the back of the image to cover the back of the concertina image.

Your card is now complete

Friday, 4 May 2012

Studiolight 3D Rose Card - Vicky Pedlow

Photo 1

** Please read all instructions before commencing **

 1.  Emboss the front of the pink base card using the CartUs Flower Branches Embossing Folder and a die-cutting machine, I used a Cuttlebug.

2.  Carefully colour the raised embossed pattern using a gold metallic ink marker and allow to dry. Once the ink is dry, use a paint brush and a little water to apply Gold Perfect Pearls to the inked areas - this adds a lovely shimmer to the ink. Allow the Perfect Pearls to dry.

3.  Cut a length of maroon grosgrain ribbon to 155 mm and adhere to the centre of the card using double-sided tape

Cut two lengths of gold satin ribbon to 155 mm and adhere to the maroon ribbon using double-sided tape as shown in photo 2.

Photo 2

4.  Cut out the 3D Die-Cut Studiolight Frames 1 from the sheet using decoupage scissors and build your flower using small foam squares.

5.  Use a paint brush and a little water to apply Gold Perfect Pearls to highlight the yellow areas of the flowers as shown in photo 3.

Photo 3

6.  Use a craft knife and ruler to cut out the frame and attach this to the centre of the card using foam squares. Adhere the 3D flower inside the frame using double-sided tape.

Your card is now complete.


Ribbon - Maroon Grosgrain 40 mm wide, Gold Satin 6 mm wide

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Snoesjes Christmas Card - Sharon Blaxter

1.   Photocopy the original pattern by Ann's Paper Art Stitching Sheet and attach to a piece of white card cut to 13.5cm x 13.5cm using removable tape.
With a fine pricking needle and a pricking mat prick out the complete design.
Complete the stitching in stem stitch as indicated on the pattern, using an embroidery needle and your preferred thread. Use sticky tape to adhere the thread to the back when starting and finishing.

Hint.  When stitching the red section make sure you start at the same point of the pattern each time.

2.   Using a Cuttlebug and Marianne Craftables Rectangle Die cut the rectangle in white card.
Slightly ink along the edge using distress ink in your choice of colour.
Apply double sided tape to the back of the die cut and place as pictured.

Note. Please do not put the double sided tape along the lace of the die-cut.

3.  Cut out the Snoesjes 3D Decoupage from the sheet using decoupage scissors and a cutting knife to cut the inner pieces.
Attach the bottom decoupage piece onto the die-cut with Zig 2 Way Glue.

4. Cut a piece of red card approx 14cm x 14cm and attach the topper using double sided tape.

5. Cut the green base card 15cm x30cm and score at 15cm with a Bone Folder.
Attach the red card using double sided tape.
Your finished card will be 15cm x 15cm.

6  Assemble the remaining decoupage using Silicone Adhesive.

Hint. Use tweezers to help with the placement of the decoupage

7.  Using a Cuttlebug and Marianne Craftables, die-cut the flower in red.
Using a metal kitchen skewer slightly curl the ends of the 2 largest petals under.
Curl up the smallest petal slightly.

8.  Place the petals onto a shaping mat and with the thickest part of a shaping tool  roll around the centre of the petals to help them stand up.

9. Place the petals one on top of the other as pictured, leaving them on the shaping mat. With a pricking tool make a small hole in the centre and attach brads or stamens in the centre.

10.  Adhere your flower onto the card using Helmar Quick Dry Glue

Your card is now complete.