Monday, 7 May 2012

2 View Card Tutorial by Jan Rankine

One image
Two views
This card uses a 2 View Picture Sheet. These sheets are unique in that when they are concertina folded they show two different pictures when viewed from the left or the right of the card.


Picture 1
1. Cut a piece of green card 26cm x 12cm and fold to make a 13cm x 12cm side fold card

2.  On the inside of the front of the card, mark the centre using a Centreing Ruler and cut out an opening 6cm x 5.75cm using a craft knife and a Metal Edge Ruler. (Picture 2).
Picture 2

Picture 3
3.  Attach a Peel-off Sticker Border around the edges of the opening (Picture 3)
Picture 4
4.  Cut out the embellishments from the image sheet
Picture 5

5. Using glue, attach embellishments to the front of card
Picture 6
 6. Cut a piece of acetate to approximately 7.5cm x 7cm and attach to inside of the opening with double sided tape
Picture 7

7.  Using a craft knife or scissors, cut out the main image around the marked dashed lines                                                                                          

Picture 8
8.  Using a scoring tool, score lines between each panel and fold as shown in Picture 8
Picture 9
 9.  Using double sided tape, attach face down to the back of the opening (Picture 9)
Picture 10
10.  Cut another piece of green card 10cm x 10cm and attach 2 layers (piggy back) of  Foam Squares around the edges of the wrong side of the card

11. Attach to the back of the image to cover the back of the concertina image.

Your card is now complete


Sandie Edwards said...

Wow Jan, this is really different, never seen a card like this one before... beautiful!

Vicky Pedlow said...

I agree with Sandie, such a different technique and a great result!

my craft cupboard said...

Jan Fantastic card, I have these but have never used them, I think that I will have to now.