Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Snoesjes Christmas Card - Sharon Blaxter

1.   Photocopy the original pattern by Ann's Paper Art Stitching Sheet and attach to a piece of white card cut to 13.5cm x 13.5cm using removable tape.
With a fine pricking needle and a pricking mat prick out the complete design.
Complete the stitching in stem stitch as indicated on the pattern, using an embroidery needle and your preferred thread. Use sticky tape to adhere the thread to the back when starting and finishing.

Hint.  When stitching the red section make sure you start at the same point of the pattern each time.

2.   Using a Cuttlebug and Marianne Craftables Rectangle Die cut the rectangle in white card.
Slightly ink along the edge using distress ink in your choice of colour.
Apply double sided tape to the back of the die cut and place as pictured.

Note. Please do not put the double sided tape along the lace of the die-cut.

3.  Cut out the Snoesjes 3D Decoupage from the sheet using decoupage scissors and a cutting knife to cut the inner pieces.
Attach the bottom decoupage piece onto the die-cut with Zig 2 Way Glue.

4. Cut a piece of red card approx 14cm x 14cm and attach the topper using double sided tape.

5. Cut the green base card 15cm x30cm and score at 15cm with a Bone Folder.
Attach the red card using double sided tape.
Your finished card will be 15cm x 15cm.

6  Assemble the remaining decoupage using Silicone Adhesive.

Hint. Use tweezers to help with the placement of the decoupage

7.  Using a Cuttlebug and Marianne Craftables, die-cut the flower in red.
Using a metal kitchen skewer slightly curl the ends of the 2 largest petals under.
Curl up the smallest petal slightly.

8.  Place the petals onto a shaping mat and with the thickest part of a shaping tool  roll around the centre of the petals to help them stand up.

9. Place the petals one on top of the other as pictured, leaving them on the shaping mat. With a pricking tool make a small hole in the centre and attach brads or stamens in the centre.

10.  Adhere your flower onto the card using Helmar Quick Dry Glue

Your card is now complete.



Vicky Pedlow said...

What a gorgeous card, Sharon - intriate stitching complemented by a cute decoupage! Thanks for sharing your instructions and tips :)

Jan Rankine said...

Really nice card Sharon - aren't the little 2D's gorgeous?