Friday, 1 June 2012

Parchment Craft Card - by Jan Rankine

1.  Cut a piece of plain vellum  A4 Vellum 140gsm 10 sheets 
using small pieces of  blue tac.

emboss the pattern parts you have chosen.

3.  On the reverse side emboss selected parts of the pattern as desired (picture 1).
Picture 1

4.  Trim around the edges using a  PCA Fine Large Semi Circle tool and PCA Perforating Mat. Remove selected areas (see Picture 1) using a Fine Mini StampEdge Tool and PCA Perforating Mat and put aside for the moment.

5.  Assemble the glitter ornament as follows

 Picture 2

There are several different ways to make this ornament. 
You can optionally use some or all of the pieces.

Here is the method:

  1. Peel off the largest piece (1)  and stick onto the patterned or plain side of the coloured paper. I have used A4 Double-Sided Paper Flower Ornament and alternated the pieces so there is one patterned and one plain, using both sides of the paper.  

  1. Cut around the outline of the sticker to remove the excess paper. I find it easier to use small Curved Scissors.This largest piece is the “base” for the other pieces.  

  1. Peel off the other pieces in order and stick onto the double-sided paper alternating between the plain side and patterned side then and trim off excess paper.  Continue until all numbered pieces are completed. NB there will be left over pieces.

  1. Stick 3D foam blocks  Joy Foam Squares 5mm x 1.5mm or foam tape on to the back of all pieces except the base piece.

  1. Stick each piece over the matching shape on the base in the numbered order I have indicated on the diagram.

  1. The pieces marked A, B,C, D are optional pieces that can be added as you go (look for their matching shape) or use them as embellishments and glue in the corners of the card to decorate. (See picture 3)

 Picture 3
  1. The left over pieces may also be used on the ornament or can be used as decoration or not at all.  I used some of the smaller pieces to make a little pattern on four sides of the main ornament and in two corners of the card.

 To Assemble Card 
1.  Cut a piece of the patterned paper 13cm x 15.2cm and attach to the back of the vellum piece you embossed earlier.  I used glue behind the embossed flowers and in the middle where the glitter ornament will cover 
  2 Attach the glitter ornament to the front as shown using glue. 
to make a 15cm x 17.5cm side fold card and  attach the above to the front of the 
card using double sided tape Couture Creations Double-Sided Tape 6mm

4.   Add a decorative border around the edge of the vellum with Peel Off Stickers 7010

Your card is now complete

 Peel Off Stickers (Starform 7010)


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

A really stunning card, Jan, so great to see it explained so well those corners are really beautiful and look like a good idea. When looked at them on site they have other corners in the set as well, thanks so much for sharing Shaz in oz.x

my craft cupboard said...

Jan, your card is very delicate,
I love the colours and the design.
I am going to have to give this technique a go.
Well done and thank-you for sharing

Sandie Edwards said...

What an amazingly, beautiful card!! Certainly a HUGE favourite for me...

Vicky Pedlow said...

What a beautiful delicate card, Jan! I love the centre piece - great instructions too!