Saturday, 23 June 2012

Marianne Design Star Stencil with Lacé Card

  Please read  through all intructions before commencing

1.   Place the Marianne Design Star Stencil onto the front of a piece of white card and adhere with
Place on top of a light box or against a window to emboss the outer scrolls using an embossing stylus.

2.   Select one of the patterns on the stencil that you would like to use, there are 6 in total. I used 2 of them.
 The tulip which is in the left hand corner and the one towards the right hand bottom corner .
        See below


3.   Emboss the pattern that you have selected with the embossing stylus again using either a light box or window  - I used a window as my light box needed a new globe.
Carefully remove and reposition the stencil by matching up the swirls and adhere with removable tape each time.

4.   Again matching up the outer swirls select the stitching pattern that you would like to stitch.
Prick out the selected pattern 3 times as pictured.

5.   While the Marianne Star Stencil is adhered to the white card trace around the outer edge with a fine pencil.
Remove the stencil and using scissors carefully cut along the pencil line. I also used a scalpel to get into the hard to get places. Use an eraser to remove any remaining pencil marks.

6.Using Distress Ink and a foam eye shadow applicator, gently add some colour around the edges and allow to dry.

7.   Complete the stitching design with Stem Stitch (see Card Stitching Tutorial) as indicated on the template, using an embroidery needle and threads of your choice.
When starting and finishing the thread please adhere with sticking tape to keep in place.

Picture 2 shows the embossing and stitching more clearly, unfortunately the embossing is difficult to photograph

Picture 2

8.   Cut Violet Diamond Double Sided Paper to 13.3cm x 13.3cm. Be careful to make sure that the pattern remains straight.
Attach the Lacé Template to the front of the violet paper with removable tape. Using a Cuttlebug Machine run the template and paper through the machine. Remove the Lacé Template and repeat on the opposite side of the violet paper.

Ensure that you keep the same measurements at the top and along the side of the violet paper also that you have the Lacé Template running in the same direction.

9.   Carefully score and fold back the Lacé pieces and slip them under the next one.
See Picture 3

Picture 3

10.  Cut a piece of daffodil card 14cm x 14cm and adhere the violet paper with
double-sided tape. Cut the purple card 29.4cm x 14.7cm score at 14.7cm with a ruler on a cutting mat.
Attach the topper with double-sided tape.

11.  Attach the completed Marianne Design Star to the violet paper with foam squares
making sure that it is centred.  Place Peel Off Stickers around the edge making sure that the corners meet. I have used the negatives of the stickers as this gives a straight edge on one side. Lift from the card using a Positioning Tool and use it also to place onto the violet card. Snip with scissors.
See Picture 3.

12.  To complement the card I have also made a card stand.
Using a Cuttlebug and the Joy Card Stand Template run through your machine with cream card
Repeat using a Silicon Mat to emboss this time.
Carefully remove the cutout with the help of a Positioning Tool and score along the centre with a ruler and cutting mat as indicated.
The stand is a lovely way to display the card, and can easily be sent in the mail.

Picture 4

       Your card is now completed!



Vicky Pedlow said...

What a great card Sharon! I love your tip to use an eye shadow applicator to ink the edges of your star. Thanks for sharing.

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

thanks for sharing such a brilliant post Sharon - great result and details, Shaz.x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

You know it funny Sharon not sure what have done but thought i left a comment on this last night - lve this card and the stitching is just so beautiful - amazing work thanks for sharing Shaz.x

Samantha Elliott said...

Gorgeous Sharon. I was doing "Iris" folding with fabric the other week, not quite finished it yet!

Sandie Edwards said...

So very pretty!!

Anne said...

What a stunner! Absolutely beautiful! Such detail! Thank you for sharing this wish list has just go longer...! A really gorgeous card. TFS!