Monday, 11 June 2012

Snoesjes Flower Card

Please read through all instructions before commencing.

1.   Place Anita's shaped blank flower card onto your photocopier with a dark sheet of paper directly on top.
Reduce the size by 10% to get the correct size for the red diamond paper.
This gives you approximately 2mm around the inner edge.
Put this aside as you will need it in step 4.

Picture 1

2. Using a piece of gold glitter card  place the flower card onto the plain side of the gold glitter card,
adhere with removable tape, trace around the outside with a pencil.
Remove the flower card.
Using sharp scissors cut carefully around the gold glitter card.

3.   Adhere double sided tape to the back of the gold glitter card  in the centre of the petals.
Adhere Pritt glue stick along the edges of the petals.
Place your gold glitter card onto the flower card carefully matching up the curves. 

4.   Cut your copied paper into tear drop sections and place onto the back of the red diamond paper.
Adhere with removable tape, cut around the template with sharp scissors.
Remove the photocopy paper.
See picture 2.

Hint. Place them all in a line so that the diamonds are all going in the same direction.

I numbered my petals starting from the folded edge, number them clockwise.
That way you are sure to have the correct paper for the petal.

Picture 2

5.   Adhere the back of the petals with Pritt glue stick and place onto the gold glitter card see below.

Picture 3

6.   Cut out the Snoesjes decoupage and place to one side.

7.   Using gold glitter card cut out a 70mm circle using a circle cutter.
For the inside of the decoupage cut a light pink circle, slightly smaller with a circle cutter.
 Lay the light pink on top of the gold glitter card and adhere with Pritt glue stick.

Place the base of the Snoesjes decoupage onto circle cutout using Zig 2 Way glue.

9.   Centre the gold glitter card onto the flower card using foam squares.

10. Complete the Snoesjes decoupage using silicone adhesive and tweezers.

Picture 4

Your card is now complete.



Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Wow Sharon this is so very very pretty one awesome card thanks so much for sharing - have never sen one made this way before and it makes you want to try, Shaz in oz.x

Vicky Pedlow said...

Sharon what an awesome card, I love how you have covered the base flower card with glitter card and patterned paper and the decoupage is so cute!

Sandie Edwards said...

Love what you have done with this card!