Monday, 9 July 2012

Peel-Off Sticker Colouring & Transfer Techniques - Shaz G

This is a tutorial about peel-off sticker techniques. It demonstrates how to use all pieces of the sticker i.e. the positive and the negative pieces. For example the skeleton of fish in the example below (the outline) is the positive and the pieces of the fish remaining on the sheet are the negatives. I have used the Japanese Koi, sticker but you could use any stickers e.g.the sailing ships, the knights, the cute teddies or pretty pansies, or many others.

Photo A
1. Take the sheet of silver Koi, and use a fine pricking tool to lift the outline (positive) of the Koi fish and place on a sheet of translucent vellum. Repeat this with other pieces to make a small scene as shown in Photo A
Photo B - Colouring the Vellum Background
2. Colour the back side of the the vellum to create a background on the vellum - inks used are shown in photo but use whatever you have, but it must not be a wet type of ink. I brayered the ink on the back of vellum, but you can use a brush or sponge applicator. Allow the ink to dry well before proceeding. The colours will fade as the ink dries. Mount the finished vellum on white card with Vellum Tape or Glue Dots before making up.
Photo C - Colouring with Gelly Roll Pens
3. Colour the vellum further on the back with Gelly Roll Pens (photos c. and d.).
Photo D - Shaping tool used to shape back of vellum.
Use a Shaping Tool or preferably an Embossing Ball Tool to gently shape the back of the fish to create a 3D effect (see completed card below).
4. To use the negative pieces of the image, take a Transfer Sheet and cut a piece large enough to cover the Koi image. Remove the backing paper and lay it sticky side down over the remaining negative pieces of the Koi on the peel-off sheet. Using the narrow end of the shaping tool rub it firmly over the transfer paper until all the pieces stick to the transfer sheet
Photo E. Image adhered to sticky side of transfer sheet
5.Take the image and use shaping tool (round end) again rub over the transfer sheet to transfer the image to the card. Gently remove the transfer sheet.

HINT: You may find fine tweezers helpful to pick up very small pieces of the sticker.
Voilà! the image is transferred ready to be used.
Here are the two completed cards:

 (PS in answer to question below I attached the vellum with double sided tape but you could also use vellum tape if you have it.)


Samantha Elliott said...

Beautiful piece there Shaz though it seems to be alot of work. Those cards would have to be for someone extra special and who would appreciate the work. I bet they are even more stunning in the flesh!

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Love both version, but I particularly like the second, negative peel off one.

Sarn xxx

Anne said...

Oh this is a super technique! I love the shaping idea really adds to the finished piece! I must find some gel pens! I was going to throw my peel-offs away because I hadn't used them for now...! What do you use to adhere your vellum to your card? Thanks for the great tutorial Shaz!

Victoria said...

Thanks for the great tutorial! A fab way to breathe new life into peel offs!

Jani Lewis said...

Great projects and wonderful tutorial. I have seen the outline stickers used, but using the negative pieces is just as beautiful. Great way to get more use out of the materials too.

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Vicky Pedlow said...

Great tutorial Shaz, you've just reminded me to try this technique again, I haven't used my peel-off negatives in this way for ages! I also appreciate your tip to colour the back of the vellum rather than the front. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs A. said...

Great picture tutorial. Very clear and easy to follow. Hugs Mrs A.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Shaz..... like you haven't got enough to do, lol!!! Love this technique and it's great for me because I have a few peel offs but never knew how to get the best from them so just put them to one side. Looks like a great place to encourage and teach people, hope you have fun and get a lot of support.