Thursday, 23 August 2012

Marianne Design Creatables LR0202 Card - Sharon Blaxter

Please read all instructions before commencing

1.   Cut a piece of white card 13.5cm x 14cm with a craft knife and ruler on a self healing mat
NB. This is larger than needed, afterwards trim along the both edges where the die finishes.

2.  Place the Marianne Creatables Edge LRO202 on the white card with the curve end along the edge.
Adhere with removable tape.  Run through the Cuttlebug using plates A, B, and C.
Place a embossing mat on top of the die and run through the Cuttlebug once again.

3.  Place the large leaf from Marianne Creatables LRO192 on white card run through the Cuttlebug using plates A, B and C.
Place an embossing mat on top of the die and run through the Cuttlebug again, repeat.
Squeeze a small amount of  Glitzin Glamour Silver along the ends of the 2 embossed leaves.  Place to one side to dry.

4.  Cut a piece of pink card 14.5cm x 14cm and place under the white card , with a pencil lightly trace around the top shape of the die-cut, making sure that you have the same amount of edge on the sides and bottom of the card.
Trim with scissors slightly inside of the traced pattern.
Adhere to the white card with double sided tape, along the edge of the die run a small amount of Zig 2-Way-Glue to adhere.

5.   Cut a piece of silver shimmer card 28.5cm x 15cm with a paper trimmerscore at  14.5cm.
Rest the topper onto the silver shimmer card, make sure that the topper is centred and once again with a pencil lightly trace around the shaped edge.  Trim with  scissors slightly inside the traced pattern.
Adhere with double sided tape.

                                    Picture 1.

6.   Carefully remove the Prestigious Pearl Flower and tidy the edges with scissors.
Cut the stems of the 2 leaves and arrange under the flower, when you are happy where they look remove the flower and adhere the  leaves with Zig 2-Way-Glue.
Adhere the main flower with Elmers Glue attach the petals with foam squares

    Picture 2.

7.    Carefully place silver fancy line stickers along the edge of the card, make sure they meet up at the corners.
Trim with decoupage scissors
With the help of a pokey tool lift one of the Happy Birthday stickers and place onto the card.

                   Your card is now complete!



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