Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Marianne Design Doily Card - Sharon Blaxter

Please read all instructions before commencing

1.   Cut a piece of pink card 14cm x 14cm with a craft knife and ruler on a self healing mat.

2.   Carefully lift off a Ribbon peel-off-sticker with the help of a positioning tool.
Be careful to leave all the negative parts of the petals on the sheet.

3.   Attach 1cm from the bottom pink card,  making sure the pattern on the Ribbon peel-off-sticker is centred.
Cut the excess off with a craft knife and ruler on a self healing mat

4.  Cut a strip of transfer sheet 2cm x 16cm and peel of the back of the sheet and rest on top of the negative Ribbon peel-off-sticker.
Gently rub the transfer sheet with shaping tool to adhere all the negative Daisy petals.
Lift the transfer sheet gentle to make sure that you don't miss any or the petals.
Remove any of the unwanted pieces with a positioning tool.

                                  Picture 1

5.   Measure down 1cm from the top of the pink card and place the  transfer sheet onto the card making sure that Daisy petals are in alignment with the Daisy petals below.  Gentle rub with a shaping tool  to make sure that the petals adhere. Pull away gently.

       Picture 2

6.   Cut a piece of  mauve card measuring 30cm x 15cm, score at 15cm with a bone folder.
Adhere the pink card on top with double sided tape

7.   Cut out the doily from light patterned paper using the Marianne Doily Die and a Cuttlebug with plates A, B and C. You can emboss on the Doily Die although I chose not to.
Position as pictured and attach with Elmers glue.

8.   Cut out 2 of the flowers from Marianne Doily Die using a Cuttlebug and plates A, B and C with darker patterned paper.
Place the flowers on top of each other with Helmar Quick Dry Glue and move to the right slightly, let dry, then flip up the petals so they are all going the same way.  Adhere the flower to the Ribbon peel-off-sticker with Helmar Quick Dry Glue
Place a large clear adhesive jewel in the centre of the flower.

             Picture 3

9.  Cut out a Butterfly  with a Scalpel on a self healing mat and attach to the Doily Die with Elmer's glue.
When dry flick the wings up a little.

10.   Using a positioning tool lift a Just For You peel-off sticker and place onto the card.

                    Your card is now complete!



Vicky Pedlow said...

Hey Sharon, another pretty card featuring a Marianne Design doily and flower. And clever use of the positive and negative peel-off stickers too!

Royalene said...

HI Sharon,
Thank you for you great designs. I like your use of the border sticker and flower. Never would have thought of that.