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Tombow Dual Brush Pens - Tutorial by Vicky Pedlow

Tombow Dual Brush Pens are water based and have two nibs – the shorter nib is ideal for colouring small details or writing with and the longer nib is ideal for colouring with.

In this tutorial I will impart some tips on how to get the most of out these versatile pens. Photo one, below, shows the tools I have used but you will find a full supplies list at the concolusion of this tutorial.

Photo One


Given the pens are water based it is best to use them with absorbent paper, such as water colour paper, to achieve nicer colour graduations.



If colouring a stamped image it is best to use a waterproof ink such as Archival Inks to avoid the outline bleeding while you colour. If you do not have waterproof ink you could use a non-waterproof ink then emboss the outline with clear embossing powder.

Refer to my earlier tutorial on heat embossing if you are unsure how to do this.


Photo Two

If you intend to colour your stamped image with more than one colour work on the smaller details first using the short nib then emboss the details to seal in the colour and prevent them from bleeding. To do this apply a little glue directly to the coloured detail using a glue pen (photo two), then emboss with clear embossing powder. Embossing also adds a little dimension and interest to your image.

TIP: Remember to clean the tip of the glue pen before moving onto your next colour.

Photo Three
Once your embossed areas are dry apply your other colour/s to the outer part of your image. I have used brown (899) as shown in photo three.


Photo Four

To achieve a smooth colour graduation you can use the Tombow Blender Pen, which is an uncoloured pen based on water or you could use a water pen or a fine paint brush with water. I have used a water pen in this tutorial.

Commence blending at the outline and bring the colour inwards as per photo four. Bring more colour in if you want a darker shade. If you find your image is getting too wet sweep the tip of the water brush across paper towel to remove excess water. You can blend right over the heat embossed details with no problem.

To achieve some creative accents or deeper colour graduations, wipe the tip of the water pen directly over the tip of the coloured pen to obtain some colour then continue to blend.

Clean the tip of your water brush before you blend a different colour by sweeping it across a piece of paper towel a few times.

Photo Five

You can easily blend two colours together to achieve a new colour. Simply scribble two or more colours onto a non-porous surface (such as spare CD) then use your water pen to blend the colours together. Use the water pen to apply the new colour directly to your image. This is a great way to get the most of out a few primary colours as I have done. I used bright green (245) and brown (899) to make a slightly earthier green colour to colour my owl - refer photo five.
Once your image is coloured take a pale grey pen (N95) to create a “shadow” around the whole image. 

Colouring Directly Onto A Stamp

Photo Six
Another way to use Tombow Dual Brush Pens is to colour directly onto a stamp with one or more colours. As you can see from photo six I have coloured the trunk of the tree in brown (899) and the leaves in yellow (055), orange (925) and green (245).
Once you have finished colouring the stamp, breathe on the stamp a few times to moisten the ink before stamping it onto water colour paper. The stamped image takes on a slightly weathered look as you can see from photo seven below.

Photo Seven

And here are the two finished images which I have incorporated into card designs – the owl coloured using Tombow Dual Brush Pens and a water pen and the tree coloured with the pens directly onto the stamp. I added a little crystalina Glitzin Glamour to a few of the leaves to add a little sparkle.

Supplies used in this tutorial

Clear Stamp Block
Heat Tool

Additional supplies used to make the cards

Patterned Papers and Card - from my stash

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Excellent tutorial Vicky - I didn't know how to use Tombo Pens with water a pen. Thank you