Thursday, 6 September 2012

Emelie's Design with Nellie Snellen Corner Dies - Sharon Blaxter

Please read all instructions before commencing

1.   Cut a piece of  white card  13cm x 13cm with a craft knife and ruler on a self healing mat.

2.   Place the Nellie Snellen Corner Die along one corner and attach with removable tape.
See picture 1
NB.  Make sure that  the card is the right way up otherwise the turned edges will be the wrong way on your card.
See picture 2

Picture 1

3.   Run the die through your Cuttlebug using plates A, B and C.
Carefully remove the die, remove the fiddly bits with the the help of a pokey tool.
Repeat this on all corners.

Picture 2

4.   Carefully trim away the edges to meet up with the corners, using a craft knife, and ruler on a self healing mat.

5. Photocopy the  Emelies Design Initial M and attach to the centre of the white card that has been die cut with removable tape. Rest on a pricking mat and carefully prick out the entire pattern as indicated.
Remove the pattern from the white card when completed.
Hint. hold your work towards the light when pricked out to make sure  you haven't missed any holes.

NB.  there are many patterns by Emelies Design, also a complete set of Initials.

6.   Using a needle and your choice of  thread  complete the stitching adding the rice beads and white beads as indicated on the pattern. Adhere the cotton with sticky tape at the back when starting and finishing.

Picture 3

7.   Attach the completed topper with double sided tape to the card of your choice, that has been cut to 14cm x14cm with a craft knife and ruler on a self healing mat.

8.   Cut your main card 15cm wide with a paper trimmer, score at  14.8cm.
Attach the completed topper with double sided tape.

Your card is now complete!


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