Saturday, 20 October 2012

3D Fairy Flip Card - Anne Darragh

 Picture 1
  1.  Cut an A4 white card or colour of you choice, to 177 x 225mm (10 x 7"). Score and fold the card in half so the card is 127 x 177mm (5 x 7") folded size. 
2. Cut out the base of the 3D Fairy  and position it on the inside of the front sheet of the card approximately 1cm from the left edge and 1.7cm from top edge of the card. Hold in place with a small amount of  repositional adhesive and draw around the base picture starting at the middle top and moving closely around the picture to the right and back in to the left at the bottom stopping at the dead centre of the bottom of the base picture. Remove the base picture and adhesive.

3. Score with a bone folder or scorer from the top edge of the card to the beginning of the pencil line. Score from the central pencil mark at the bottom to the bottom of the card.

4. Cut along the pencil line with a craft knife and cutting mat and then fold the card along the score lines.
5. Apply wet glue to the right hand side of the opened card and line up double-sided patterned paper to cover entire area with glue, smooth down. Turn the card over and trim the patterned paper to the size of the card i.e remove excess paper.

6. Apply wet glue to the left front portion of the card and with the other side of the patterned paper up glue down and trim excess paper as before.

7. Apply glue to the other half of the white card and glue down Botanic metallic paper with wet glue (if using a coloured card this is optional). Trim the excess and also around the cut aperture of the card (see picture 3)

Picture 2

8. Close the card and apply wet glue to the narrow strip of  white card on the left front of the card. Attach Botanic metallic paper and trim off excess (if using a coloured card this is optional).

9. Attach the base of the 3D starting at the cut line and glue down with a little wet glue. Assemble the remainder of the 3D and attach layers with 3D Foam Blocks.

Picture 3

10. Apply 3D Crystal Lacquer to the assembled 3D. When the lacquer is dry apply a second coat to the fairy's wings and sprinkle with crystal glitter or fairy dust. When dry attach the assemble 3D over the base picture with double-sided tape.

11. Attach flowers (apply a little glue and sprinkle with glitter first) to the bottom and top of the card (see picture 2).

12. Using a cut and emboss die of your choice, cut from Botanic metallic paper, attach a peel-off greeting and attach to the bottom right of the card with 3D foam blocks.

13. Attach a peel-off border sticker to the left side of the card over the Botanic metallic paper.

I hope you enjoy making this fun card.


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